Patriarchal Mnangagwa Is Anti-Women!
13 June 2020
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The illegal detention of 3 MDC Alliance Youth Assembly female leaders at Chikurubi Maximum Prison is a clear indication that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s illegitimate regime is anti-women.

The trio, National Vice Chairperson, Cecilia Chimbiri, Deputy Organ, Netsai Marova and National Secretary for Policy and Research Hon Joana Mamombe were yesterday evening sent to the filthy maximum prison where they are going to spend the weekend pending bail hearing on Monday.

Chikurubi Maximum Prison is hell’s waiting room and the prison facility which habours the worst of the worst criminals and murderers is a symbol of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s military dictatorship.

The so called ‘New Dispensation’ adminstration uses the facility as a concentration camp for punishing dissenting voices and opposition figures.

But more curious and heartbreaking is that the patriarchal military dictatorship often uses the facility to punish women.

Chimbiri, Marova and Momombe case is not the first case in point where Mnangagwa’s military regime exhibited tendencies of misogyny and hatred for womanhood.

A quick flashback to 02 March 2020 shows that the two Chitungwiza women, Taurai Nyamanhindi and Tanyaradzwa Zawaira whom I was charged together with were made to languish in this same concentration camp disguised as a prison for the whole of March.

A further dig into history also shows that even the wife of Mnangagwa’s deputy, Mary Chiwenga huffed and puffed in the same prison facility for not less than 2 weeks during Christmas festive season last year.

In January 2019 more and more women were raped by rogue soldiers at the instruction of their Commander in Chief for simply voicing that their homes are empty.

The list of cases of women abuse under Emmerson Mnangagwa’s military dictatorship is infinite but what is clear is that his regime detests everything women.

It is time real men and women of this land must stand up to this unAfrican, inhumane and intolerable abuse of women!

Chimbiri, Marova and Momombe were abducted, tortured, abused and raped, and as such they are supposed to be in courts as witnesses and not as the accused.

The real candidates for Chikurubi Maximum Prison are those that ordered the broad daylight butcherings of civilians by soldiers on 01 August 2018!

Arise men and women of Zimbabwe!

Abuse of our women can not go on under our watch!


Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson