Prof Jonathan Moyo Warns Nick Mangwana Against Publicising “Constructive Lies”
13 June 2020
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By A Correspondent- Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo while responding to a tweet by the Information Ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana warned him against making public comments based on cabinet reports regarding abducted persons.

He said this while responding to Mangwana’s tweet where he said:

“We presented 3 scenarios over the alleged abduction of Joanna Mamombe et al. 1- There was no abduction 2- Third Force did it 3- MDC and anti-ED characters within the establishment did it. We will release irrefutable evidence that there was no abduction. Scenario 1 is correct.”

Prof Moyo however responded to Mangwana and said:

“We? Be careful. As information minister I burnt my fingers by making public comments based on cabinet reports on abducted persons. The reports had constructive lies to protect state agents, the abductors. My advice to you @nickmangwana: let the security arms speak for themselves!”

The government is yet to produce irrefutable evidence to substantiate their claims as posted by Mangwana.