Today is Teachers’ Pay Day But It Marks 18 Months Without Salary
19 June 2020
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Today is teachers pay day unfortunately to me it marks my 18th month without salary from my employer who illegally ceased my salary in January 2019 for the reasons of absenteeism on the time when i was abducted and later remanded in Prison .

A disciplinary hearing was conducted in September and a verdict of forced transfer was imposed on me .

I challenged the outcome in the Labour Court and the Government of Zimbabwe requested for an Out of Court Settlement where we agreed and nullified the previous verdict and promised to immediately reinstate my salary, its now four months since we signed the Out of Court Settlement but up to now they have not actioned anything.

The only reason why I’m being frustrated is because of the role i play in representing rural teachers in Zimbabwe.

Robson Chere
ARTUZ Secretary General