Komichi Equates To Puppies MDC Alliance MPs Loyal To Chamisa
20 June 2020
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Morgen Komichi

The faction of the MDC that is led by Thoozani Khupe has made fresh threats that it will recall MDC Alliance MPs after it emerged MPs are still attending MDC Alliance caucus meetings.

Morgen Komichi who is the 2014 structures Deputy Chairperson said his camp was running out of patience. Speaking at their newly obtained offices at the Harvest House, Morgen Komichi said Chamisa’s MPs should come and join them now:

Of course there is a saying that puppies do not see light on the same day, but there comes when you conclude that this is now blindness; that these puppies will never get their sight because it has been long.

It has been exactly 80 days since the Supreme Court ruling and we have been patient with the MPs, but we cannot be patient forever.They must come and join us now.

They must make their choice between us and Chamisa. If they decide to go with Chamisa, the law will take its course. This is a very strong statement I am making. They must know that their days are numbered whether one is an MP or councillor,

The fisures were ignited by the supreme court ruling that ruled that Chamisa was an illegitimate MDC leader and restored the party to its 2014 structures.

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