5 Things To Be Done By Govt To Fix The Nation
21 June 2020
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By A Correspondent- Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo while responding to a fellow former cabinet Minister Savior Kasukuwere said the government needs to do these 5 things in order to fix the problems bedevilling the Southern African Nation.

Kasukuwere had said:

Politics is praxis! The discussions should be about where do we go from here and moving forward. We needs a list of 5 Things to do. Let’s get moving.

Moyo listed the following 5 things he said will help fix beleaguered Zimbabwe:

1. Respect the will of the people won by @nelsonchamisa

2. Restore constitutionalism & fully implement 2013 Constitution with no amendments

3. Setup Truth & Justice for all atrocities since 1980

4. Dollarise & adopt an agrobased economic turnaround

5. Stemitise education!

Moyo has been very vocal about Zimbabwe’s current affairs and has made several controversial declarations ever since he went into exile in 2017.