Malawi Electoral Commission Warns Against Fake Results
24 June 2020
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Vote counting at a polling station in Malawi

Unofficial results posted from different counting centres show that the Malawi Congress Party, MCP leader Mr. Lazarusa Chakwera, is leading the polls with 60.65% (1,716,063) votes, current President Mr Peter Mutharika of DPP trailing with 38.61% (1,092,465) and Mr Peter Kuwani a distant behind with 1.6% (38,748).

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission chair Chifundo Kachale announced saying results are being transferred manually for further collation hence warned against allegations of rigging. He also tasked the media to always state that results they are transmitting were unofficial, local media have reported.

He also reminded stakeholders at a media briefing that every tally that doesn’t come from the MEC was “fake news” accusing some unprincipled individuals of being behind the “cooked up” results.

“We appeal to Malawians to maintain peace and calm as the vote-counting continues,” Kachale told a news conference in Blantyre. The electoral commission has until July 3 to unveil the results, although the announcement is widely thought likely to come this week.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Human Rights Commission, MHRC, which was behind mass protests against the Mutharika government since the May 2019 polls has also said it was impressed with the conduct of the rerun.

The third candidate in the rerun, MMD’s Peter Kuwani has also appealed to the elections body to disqualify incumbent Mutharika and opposition coalition chief Chakwera. He cites the changing of their running mates as an infraction that merits disqualification.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has accused Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM Party supporters of assaulting its monitors during the election.

The MEC says it will respond to all petitions in due course. It confirmed petitions from the major parties involved especially on the issue of violence during the voting process. President Mutharika after voting condemned acts of violence and intimidation.

Meanwhile, MDC President, Nelson Chamisa, congratulated his Malawian counterparts.

Chamisa said:

“I’m getting good and positive news on the exciting election results from my friends in opposition in Malawi @SidikMia  and @LAZARUSCHAKWERA . Well done African brothers on the vigilance and that United front. Africa needs fresh politics and credible electoral processes.“