Shocking Huge Fuel Price Increase
24 June 2020
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Own Correspondent

THE petrol price has gone up from ZWL$28,96/litre to ZWL$71.62/litre, but operators can still sell below the cap depending on their trading advantages. Diesel price also went up from ZWL$24,93 to ZWL$62.77/Litre.

In a statement the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) said the price adjustments take effect today, the 24th of June 2020.

These adjustments follow the introduction of a market-based forex auction system which placed the official exchange rate of the US dollar to ZWL$ at 57.36.

ZERA also gazetted the price of petrol and diesel in US dollars at $1.28 and $1.09 respectively.

The price increase comes at a time when queues at service stations were becoming the order of the day.