How Did The Military Generals Suddenly Become Smarter Than The MDC Alliance, A Party With All Its Lawyers? VIDEO.
29 June 2020
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EXCLUSIVE | ANALYSIS : While the MDC is “sleeping”, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is talking, the military is planning, and the following is the Commander Valerio Sibanda detailing concerns about vote rigging:

“Why we went to the liberation struggle, why we participated in the liberation struggle, and remember this was an issue of one man, one vote.”

The last person to scream about the one man, one vote principle, is not even Emmerson Mnangagwa. It is the late Robert Mugabe and that was way back during the war days, explaining: “This is exactly what we are struggling to earn for our people, one man, one vote,” said Mugabe.

Was this achieved in the end, and if so, is it still working? Zvirikushanda here, zvichirikuita here? Tell us.

“Aiwa hazvichaita, no it’s no longer working,” says military coup tomboy, Godfrey Tsenengamu. He continues saying, “yes we wept about Chatunga and Robert junior, they were fun-lovers, but they were not thieves, but these Mnangagwa boys have turned out thieves,” concludes Tsenangamu.

While the MDC Alliance is investing time in attractive press conferences and eloquent speeches about the general subject of corruption, and even appointing a female spokesperson who’s got direct links to a top military protege, Kuda Musasiwa who assists the coup announcer, SB Moyo…

“The looters must pay back the money because corruption is killing us,” says Mahere, in her press address last week.

While all these attractive speeches are being staged out by Fadzai Mahere, the officers who shot people on the 1st August 2018, are miles ahead. They are already actioning Plan B. MDC Alliance is saying: corruption is killing us, but the military is a gear up. The soldiers say, one man, one vote has been violated. The military generals are clearer in defining Zimbabwe’s problems. How did the military generals suddenly become smarter than the MDC Alliance, a party with all its lawyers?

How did Kuda Musasiwa discover that there is an ongoing agitation to fire Nelson Chamisa’s spokesman, Dr Nkululeko Sibanda? It is an established fact that Musasiwa has been Mahere’s manager from the 2018 election period. So who is leaking Chamisa’s secrets at a sensitive time like this?

We sent out an advisory to Mahere on the 16th June 2020, which was still to be acknowledged two weeks later. – DOCUMENTARY CONTINUING – FULL PRODUCTION UNFOLDING….