Mnangagwa Has Successfully Created A Socio-legal Order Feared By Zvobgo In 1979
30 June 2020
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In less than three years after taking over from Robert Mugabe through a coup, Emmerson Mnangagwa has successfully created a socio-legal order which was highly detested and abhorred by those who waged the country’s liberation struggle.

Stephen Chuma

In a famous 1979 file, Eddison Zvobgo who was one of the executioners of the liberation struggle clearly lays bare an aberrant socio-legal order which the country’s founding fathers were fighting against.

Zvobgo is quoted saying, “We do not want to create a socio-legal order in which people are petrified.” He further explains that a situation where people would go to bed barricading their doors for fear of state security agents was totally unacceptable in a new Zimbabwe.

40 years after independence, the country has been plunged deep into exactly that which Zvobgo and liberation war veterans fought against.

Our people are living in sheer constant fear of abductions, torture and illegal arrests!

Ironically at the centre of all this terror is a man who was part of the liberation war cast, one Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Perhaps it is the reason why Mnangagwa’s liberation war credentials are always questioned especially if we are to contrast the current situation with what Zvobgo said in 1979.

Mnangagwa has systematically reversed the gains of the liberation struggle.

We have been stripped naked of individual freedoms and human dignity.

Gory and sorry images of terror and horror is what underpins Mnangagwa’s short misrule thus far!

Talk of 1 August 2018 spineless and brainless human butcherings, senseless abduction and torture of Tatenda Mombeyarara and Blessing Kanotunga in 2019 and the gruesome murder of Hilton Tamangani.

The terror machine stops at nothing and does not have any respect for womanhood as we have seen with our 3 Youth Assembly female leaders.

Citizens’ rights do not matter anymore as we have seen with Davison Chamisa who was over the weekend ‘arrested’, beaten, injected with unknown substances and later dumped in Norton.

To put it in Eddison Zvobgo’s context, our people are ‘petrified’ and terrified of a regime which ideally must protect them.

Your regime has gone rogue Mnangagwa and like every other regime before, it MUST be removed.


Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson