I Am Ready To Be Recalled At Any Given Time – MP Molokele
2 July 2020
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Farai Dziva|MDC Alliance MP for Hwange Central, Daniel Molokele has declared allegiance to President Nelson Chamisa adding he is ready to “defend the people’s struggle.”

Below is Molokele’s full statement:

The die is already cast.

Each legislator needs to accept that we are now all in the valley of political decision.

Each of us is being called upon to take a clear and unequivocal stance, on a point of principle.

There is no room for fence sitting at all.

First option is to amicably engage those who now have the power to do the recalls. They will make sure that you are guaranteed from any recall.

The second option is to continue to swear allegiance to the MDC Alliance as led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

In this regard, I need to state in no uncertain terms that personally, I have decided to stand firmly with the MDC Alliance and continue to support Advocate Nelson Chamisa as my President.

This means that l am now more than ready to be recalled at anytime.

I have taken some time to deeply reflect on my stance and l have come to an uncompromising position that I will remain a loyal and committed cadre of the People’s party – the MDC Alliance.

The recalls are not an end in itself. They are part of a bigger political picture.

Honourable Daniel Molokele Hwange Central MP

Daniel Molokele