Health Expert Chilling Warning, Either You Use A Mask Costing $1 or Pay $5000 For Treatment.
3 July 2020
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Dr Solwayo Ngwenya

Mpilo Central Hospital acting chief executive officer Dr Solwayo Ngwenya yesterday said it was important for people to use the cases of new mystery infections as a wake-up call and to start acting in a manner that matches the prevailing situation.

“It is worrying that people continue to walk around wearing masks with the nose sticking out. If people are finding masks uncomfortable, they must know that there is nothing comfortable in using a ventilator. They won’t like it. The worst is yet to come. The country does not have enough resources. We cannot have our hospitals filled with sick Covid-19 patients needing care. It will result in deaths and untold suffering for people. Some people must act responsibly so that we make efforts to contain the virus. These source-unknown infections must teach us something,” said Dr Ngwenya.

A PRIVATE hospital in Bulawayo is charging massive amounts of money – in foreign currency – for Covid-19 treatment.

With government hospitals ill-equipped, and with doctors and nurses on strike, the only hope available for those needing treatment is private care – something beyond the reach of many.

“Kindly be advised that all Covid patients are required to pay USD (American dollars) deposits, US$60 for casualty, US$3,000 for General Ward and US$5,000 for ICU (Intensive Care) hospitalisation,” Obedience Ncube, credit controller for the Catholic run Mata Dei Hospital in Bulawayo, said in a statement.

A government worker earns the equivalent of US$30, which is about half the fee for a basic Covid-19 test at a private hospital.