WATCH: Zim Man Violently Evicted During Lockdown By South African Landlady…
4 July 2020
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By Farai D Hove| A Zimbabwean man received perhaps the worst treatment by a landlord when he was kicked out the house he rents in South Africa, in July last year.

The man told ZimEye of his encounter as his South African Landlady violently removes him. He said:

“Hi ZimEye, please help me to publish what happened to me beginning of this week. It’s hard to be a foreign national is SA especially these hard times of Covid.

“My South African landlady married to a Zim brother unfairly evicted me after the court decided that I must stay.”

On video, the landlady is seen pressing the man’s privates while violently evicting him. She then tells him to go back to Zimbabwe.

“You’re fighting me you’re fighting me; she pressed my balls,” she victim screams.

To this, the landlady is unperturbed, and goes on to say:

“Mother********, you don’t know me Steve.

“I want to show you who am I, taking what’s this rubbish of yours in my house (sic).”

She continues explaining why she is doing this and says: “you haven’t paid rent for 3-months, then you think you can take me to the lawyer, you can take the video take that video to Twitter, take it whereever but this is my house, and you are moving out, you are moving out Mr you are going to Zimbabwe.

“Everything here I’m going to clean myself.”

The victim then complains saying, “you are damaging my stuff, ” but the landlady proceeds without any emotion.