ZANU PF Youth Hail Mnangagwa Covid-19 Measures While Country Is Evidently Failing To Handle The Scourge
18 July 2020
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ZANU PF acting deputy secretary for Youth Affairs Tendai Chirau

ZANU PF acting deputy secretary for Youth Affairs Tendai Chirau has hailed President Mnangagwa, for the measures his administration is taking to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at a national executive meeting of the Youth League in Harare yesterday, Chirau said the measures, which include various levels of lockdowns and other strict restrictions, demonstrated astute leadership that was sensitive to the need to preserve life.

Chirau’s sentiments come as the country’s Covid-19 cases are shooting up on a daily basis and deaths increasing. As of Friday, goverment recorded the national tally at 1420 with 21 deaths.

He said while Government and the ruling party continued to encourage citizens to take preventative measures to combat Covid-19, the ultimate responsibility to prevent the pandemic lay with every Zimbabwean.

“To this end, I encourage all Zimbabweans to embrace lockdown measures put in place by Government for these measures are meant to protect the masses. The Youth League will also not stand by and watch lockdown measures being violated and I urge all our members to report all persons who violate lockdown measures,” said Cde Chirau.

“The Covid-19 pandemic brings new and unique livelihood challenges for young people.

“It is critical that as revolutionary members of the party, the youth remain united and continue to work together in shaping the desired destiny of our generation.

“The seriousness of this disease outbreak compels us to think outside the box and even imagine our further progress without the box, as we adapt to new realities and possibilities.

Virtual meetings, for instance, are just a tip of the iceberg in terms of the new approaches and mechanisms for survival and development we have the potential to exploit.

The league warned opposition parties against destabilising the country by planning illegal demonstrations.

“We are more than doubly aware that these attempts to cause mayhem in the country are part of a broader sponsored regime change strategy that has in the past, yielded nothing but violence,” said Chirau adding that the only acceptable path to political power in Zimbabwe was through elections.