Taurai Gakanje Claims July 31 Anti Corruption Protests Organisers Have Corruption Issues To Answer Against Them.
22 July 2020
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State Media

Jacob Ngarivhume

A ZANU PF created civic organisation, Zimbabwe Citizens Forum (ZCF) has accused organisers of the July 31 Protests against corruption of being corrupt themselves urging Zimbabweans to shun the protests.

The civic organisation said the protests were part of the destabilisation agenda to hamper the ongoing reengagement of the country on the international arena.

ZCF said information at hand pointed that the United States through its embassy in the country reportedly disbursed US$350 000 to Jacob Ngarivhume to co-ordinate the protests.

Addressing the media in Harare, ZCF national co-ordinator, Taurai Gakanje said it was high time the people of Zimbabwe learnt from their past against being used by people and nations seeking to score cheap political goals.

“Based on checks and balances the planned demonstrations as convened by Mr Jacob Ngarivhume and his colleagues are meant to settle their own cheap political matters. Let me ask the people to first know who the conveners are and before we are mobilised we need to know who the mobilisers are. Ngarivhume’s agenda is to look for money by whatsoever means. He is organising these protests under the banner of fighting corruption when in fact he on his own has many cases of corruption to answer and moreover he is not doing for himself but working under instruction from his handlers,” he said.

“We have information that they received $350 000 from the USA through its country embassy. The people should open their eyes and minds and see how many of them will be paid from the $350 000 or be allocated a single dollar.”

Mr Gakanje said the protests were also a plan to scale up the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic so that the country is on the international spotlight as the protest would violate the regulations set by the Government.

“This is a plan to scale up the spread of the virus, all information has been put in the public domain to say that this pandemic is serious, anyone who then disregards those regulations and exposes people to danger in that manner,” he said.

Mr Gakanje said the problems Zimbabwe was facing were local problems that required local solutions from local people.