Govt Gazettes New Law Authorising Impounding Vehicles Caught Up In Lockdown Violations
25 July 2020
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The government yesterday gazetted Statutory Instrument 186 Of 2020 which authorised law enforcement officers to impound public transport vehicles being used to breach lockdown restrictions.

Part of the SI which speaks about the seizure of the vehicles contravening lockdown restrictions reads:

Where any public transport vehicle or other vehicle used for the transport of passengers for gain, is used in connection with any offence unde r this Order (prohibiting the operation of such transport) an enforcement officer, if such vehicle is used again after the driver or owner thereof has been warned or charged for such offence, shall have the power to seize such vehicle as an exhibit in connection with the prosecution of such owner or driver for such offence in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07].

The government last week also said law enforcement officers were going to impound all vehicles moving without number plates to try and curb robbery cases in the country.