ZRP Issues List Of Documents Required For Movement Exemptions
25 July 2020
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The Zimbabwe Republic Police has specified the documents required for members of the public to pass through roadblocks and checkpoints in line with the COVID19 national measures announced by President Mnangagwa on Tuesday.

The documents considered for movement exemptions are clustered as follows:

a) Health sector are required to be in uniform, health ID cards. Those in civilian attire, a letter from Medical Superintendent or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) stating the place, dates, and times for reporting on and off duty.

ZRP statement

b)Companies/Organisations- letters from the Chief Executive Officer or General Manager stating the place, days and times of reporting on and off duty.

ZRP statement

c) Ministries/Parastals HQ and Provincial levels- National level,an exemption letter from Directors and above stating the duty,place, days, and times of reporting.

ZRP statement

Provincial level-an exemption letter from the Provincial Heads stating the duty, days, and times of reporting.

ZRP statement

(d) Commercial A2 and A1 farmers- an offer letter or lease agreement and exemption certificate from local Officer In Charge station.

All the documents must indicate the details of the person who issued them.

Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the police once again remind the public to conduct permitted activities between the hours of 0600hrs and 1800hrs of each day.

“The observance of the national lockdown measures will promote the effective maintenance of law and order by police and other security services” he added