Police In Seven Vehicles Raid MDC’s Settlement Chikwinya’s House
2 August 2020
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Vocal parliamentarian Settlement Chikwinya late Saturday sent a message of a help after more than six cars full of security forces paid him a visit at his residence in Fitchlea, Kwekwe

Chikwinya is the Member of Parliament for Mbizo Constituency.

Prominent human rights activist Dewa Mavhinga confirmed the incident.

In a twitter post, Mavhinga said, “MDC-A MP Settlement Chikwinya has sent out an SOS that more than 7 vehicles are at his gate.Police and soldiers in uniform. He is asking for help,”

Meanwhile Chikwinya has confirmed the incident and said that he is safe for now.

“Yes they came last night. We thank God I managed to escape before they could jump the gate “, Chikwinya said.

Officer Commanding Kwekwe District Conrad Mubaiwa could not be reached for a comment.

While Police could not be reached to confirm the latest incident, it is understood that Chikwinya is wanted in connection with July 31 protests.