They Stripped My Wife Naked And Poured An Unknown Chemical All Over Her Body…..
2 August 2020
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Dear Editor

My wife was caught on the 28th of July at 11:40 p.m. in the evening; when they took her they said that they were after my head. So what they managed to do was to demolish the fence when they failed to enter; they uprooted the poles to the fencing, they destroyed the fencing because the gate was difficult. So when they entered they went ahead to destroy the screen door. I am sending the pictures so that you see them. When they had destroyed the screen door they smashed the key area to the main entrance. Once inside they began destroying the TV. All my windows at the house were destroyed. After the damage, they entered in and took my wife outside and they said that they were looking for me. They looked underneath the bed to be sure that I was not hiding anywhere, then went outside and threw her into a 4×4 vehicle.

They then left the area, and went towards a place in Makulu, in Crest Farm, near Marirangwe. In that place, at the end of the farm property that is where they then dumped my wife. Before they had dumped her, they took her and forced her to drink a certain substance, a liquid. They forced her to drink a substance from water in a fridge, they been continued to pour the liquid all over her body while she was naked. After pouring this liquid over her body at the place which I later visited to see, after they had finished they left her.

At around 3 there are some dogs that started barking, so after they had left she rose up to walk to the side where the dogs were barking, they got to a place where she wanted to get to but the people there did not come out of their houses to assist. As the people kept refusing to come out what happened was she started crying out.

It was now nearly 4 oclock and when the people had delayed coming out she then continued screaming; then someone who was at a nearby house came out. In no time at all there were many people outside and they made loud noises with their car horns. At that point they then asked for her name. She was administered first aid and the 1st exercise done on her, what’s to give her warm tea. After the tea, they prepared some fire with light firewood. at around 6 to 7 that is when she telephoned and she announced that she was in a place called Makulu. This is where I am as the people who assisted me have told me. These are The people who assisted me. That is when I been drove to the area to pick her up. After taking her away to bring her home, my house is now severely damaged and she is now living in fear; and this is the second time it is happening to me. So things are really not well; we are suffering. Right now we are at zero level, we need your help.

Ndatenda. I thank you