Tsenengamu Says July 31 Demo Was Already A Success Day Before The Set Date.
4 August 2020
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Former Zanu PF national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu has claimed that the July 31 protest achieved its goals despite claims that it flopped.

The firebrand ex Zanu PF member said the demonstration had achieved its targets a day before because the authorities punished as evidenced by the number of measures they implemented ahead of the protests.

“The intention of any peaceful protest is to get the attention of the authorities to the issues you would be raising and the 31st July demo achieved that. In fact we achieved even before the day. The authorities panicked and they had to conduct countless pressers, clear the CBD, shutdown every city and growth point, issue threats, unleash terror gangs, mount national roadblocks, impose curfews, launch manhunts, unleash the police and army in every residential area and many other things. It shows they got our message as all this was a response to our planned protests. So the 31st achieved in regards to what a peaceful protest has to achieve” said Tsenengamu.

Despite the proposed procession not taking off he said there is going to be more pressure till they achieve however, he did not reveal their next plan but said there is always another plan.

“More pressure and more pressure till we achieve. Will cross the bridge when we get there. There is always plan B, C, D and E if plan A fails” he said.

Meanwhile he dismissed as hogwash reports that they had vanished with funds after the proposed July 31 demonstration flopped.

“That is absolute nonsense. It’s hogwash. I know nothing about that because I didn’t receive or seek any donation from anyone. This is creation of the regime and its propaganda machinery meant to soil my name. I am not a mercenary and they know that.

“I do things out of conviction and not for monetary or material benefits. When I was Commissar in ZANU PF I had many benefits and privileges that include a good salary and an off road vehicle but I had to choose my conscience over convenience. These are desperate schemes from panic looters and their enablers. Who in their normal senses would fork out half a million and for what? It makes no sense,” said Tsenengamu.

The protests failed to take off after police and army cordoned all entry points into Harare Central Business District and other hot spots in the country.