#zimbabweanlivesmatter: PLO Lumumba Addresses Mnangagwa
8 August 2020
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Kenyan professor PLO Lumumba has joined the many voices running the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign talking to human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

In a video that has gone viral, Lumumba appealed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to constitute a government of national unity to rescue the country.

“When Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, Africa rejoiced because we had a chance to write the obituary of the regime of Ian Smith. I remember Julius Nyerere of Tanzania telling Robert Mugabe that he has inherited a gem and he should keep it as such lest Ian Smith looks back and laugh at us. Now the world hears such things as ZimbabweanLivesMatter it pains us. This is my appeal and i believe the appeal of many Africans to the administration of Emmerson Mnangagwa that the time has come to make true the promises of independence. Over 4 million Zimbabweans are living in the diaspora because the environment is hostile. This is the time to constitute a government of national unity. This is  the time to make Zimbabweans proud of their once happy nations. This is my appeal to you President Mnangagwa, ask yourself questions thy Africans are speaking to you via hashtags. The leadership of SADC move in and do what is right. The African Union should mediate the Zimbabwe situation. The AU and SADC should send people to fact find.”

Watch video downloading below.