Let’s Do It For Kurauone, Chin’ono, Ngarivhume And All Political Prisoners!
9 August 2020
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Stephen Chuma


Tommorow, the 10th of August marks a week long of massive demonstrations against stinking corruption manifesting in all facets of our society.

We have been ostracized, criticized and condemned as criminals for speaking against corruption.

Our only crime is agitating for a corrupt free society where everyone enjoys a fair share of the national cake.

Let it be known that we are not fighting individuals but the system.

Fighting those fighting against corruption is endorsement of corruption!

Fellow citizens, let us come in our millions tomorrow and demand the unconditional release of Godfrey Kurauone, Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume.

No to corruption!



*Stephen Sarkozy Chuma*
_MDC_ _Alliance_ _Youth_ _Assembly_ _National_ _Spokesperson_