Charamba Says Zimbabwe Is Far Much Developed That Most SADC Countries, Tells Lindiwe Zulu To Shut Up
12 August 2020
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Lindiwe Zulu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has declared that Zimbabwe is better than most SADC countries and will soon be better than South Africa.

Charamba was responding through a Twitter post to Lindiwe Zulu, Chairperson of the ANC’s international relations committee who said that there is a major crisis in Zimbabwe.

Charamba attacked Zulu saying she was not the best person to comment on the developments in Zimbabwe, a country he said has the capacity to be developed better than every SADC country, were it not for sanctions.

“Relatively speaking, Zimbabwe is a lot better by way of the level of industrialization in relation to other SADC, countries. And with projects which are underway, very soon Zimbabwe should be able to peep at South Africa as an alternative industrial hub.

“The western world is aware of this and is doing its damndest to stop that from happening. Of course, they will fail. What Zimbabwe will not countenance are career politicians from elsewhere who seek to use Zimbabwe and her sanctions-related challenges to build personal profiles and names for international appointments. That would be blatantly cynical and very unfriendly.

Charamba poured cold water on rumours of a government of national unity, GNU” which many believe could take the country ou out of the political and economic mess it is in.

He said the discussion must be had by all SADC countries, not the ANC government.

“Again, I am not sure the ANC govt can do anything about that (mediation of a GNU). Or to imagine that creating a GNU in Zimbabwe a very foolish proposition which is entertained by some elements in the ANC will change that structural deformity. Not even an ouster of Zanu-PF would change that,” he said.