Former Highlanders Great Appeals For Help To Save His Ailing Son Who Is Also A Footballer.
12 August 2020
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Young Bonginkosi Khoza needs urgent help.

IT’S always a painful experience for a parent to watch a child’s health deteriorating daily, but sadly this has been the experience of former Highlanders’ tear away winger Sizabantu Khoza since his 12-year-old son Bonginkosi was diagnosed with septic arthritis in May.

Septic arthritis is a painful infection in a joint, which can come from germs that travel through the bloodstream from another part of the body. It can also occur when penetrating injury delivers germs directly into the joint.

Bonginkosi is a two-time championship winner with Mountain Climbers and Highlanders Under-14 last year.

His football future now looks bleak unless he gets urgent medical attention.

The costs involved are beyond the reach of his loving father, who during his playing days won four back-to-back league titles with a fearsome Bosso side and was also a darling of the team’s multitude of fans.

Khoza senior also had a short stint at Caps United, but is considered a Highlanders great.

He told Chronicle Sport that his son first complained about feeling pain from the groin and later started limping.

The boy was taken to hospital where tests were conducted and doctors confirmed that he had septic arthritis.

“He then underwent an operation. The infection somehow affected his lungs and he had to stay in the intensive care unit for 10 days,” said Khoza.

He said Bonginkosi was trying to walk with the aid of a walking frame, but things took a turn for the worst last week.

“Last week he suddenly said he was feeling extreme pain on his tandem muscle and couldn’t even move his leg. He is still under the doctor and going for his dressing every five days and every time he goes for wound dressing. I need to have a special bandage which costs US$10 per day and I am struggling to raise that amount. What pains me most now is that my boy is always crying in pain and some of the words he utters while crying really make me wonder if I am a good father to him.

But I am trying my best to ensure that he heals and returns to football, a game he loves so much. Another doctor recently told me to buy medication called Stemcell, which costs US$70, an amount beyond me at the moment,” said a visibly dejected Khoza.