Can President Mnangagwa Make A Public Statement On His Alleged Involvement In ZESA Corruption?
17 August 2020
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By Kennedy Kaitano

After the revelations or allegations that have been raised of possible corruption by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the Zesa crisis which saw the Zesa Executive Chair, Board, and the Minister of Energy and Power Development fire in a very short space of time, it would be appropriate if President Mnangagwa responded to the revelations or allegations. This would be appropriate for purposes of transparency.

I am at all implying that the President did or did not do what he is alleged to have done, and it is him and those involved who would know. The allegations which have real names of people given and positions to which they were appointed are given, names of businesses that benefited from the alleged USD$1.2 Billion deal that appears not to be above board mentioned, and some of the people behind the companies named, making it appear very real. President Mnangagwa must simply accept or deny the alleged customary marriage to Moline Mayahle, a confirmed member of the Zesa Board who got appointed to the Board after President Mnangagwa came into office.

Apart from the President explaining himself, those in the know should provide evidence to the Anti-Corruption Commission and to international investigators who can establish the truth