Confusion Over Acie Lumumba Sunday Morning Car Accident.
23 August 2020
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Acie Lumumba

Entrepreneur and politician, Acie Lumumba was this morning reported to have survived a freak accident early morning along Bulawayo Road which wrecked his Mercedes Benz GL.

Hus close friend Kuda Musasiwa was one of the early people to disclose the news of the accident.

Kuda Vendor in Chief tweeted: “Morning everyone. Glad to report that @acielumumba is alive and well after an accident on (sic) route to BYO. We thank God.”

Several posts on the accidents followed up with some reports that Lumumba alias William Mutumanje was accompanied by a ‘lady from work’ on his way to Bulawayo when the car veered off the road in Warren Park.

In a surprise turn of events, Lumumba has since denied he was involved in any accident.

He wrote in a tweet.

“Hi friends thank you for the concern. No I was not in an accident this morning,” he wrote.

“I normally sleep all day Sunday, nhasi I was woken up by people vatowuya kuzogara nhaka pamba pangu. I was neither driving or in an accident this morning. Ndakutogeza on a Sunday coz of you people. Thank you for the suspect concern henyu. But dai ndafa ndaikumukirai.”

Kuda Musasiwa has also since dropped his earlier Tweet replacing it with a surprise to hear that there was no accident after all.