Daring Epworth Duo Steal Cow From ZRP Farm
1 September 2020
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By A Correspondent- 2 Harare men have been arrested after they allegedly stole a cow from a ZRP Farm in Marondera, Newsday reports. Wilson Madzudzu (35) and Fanuel Munatsi (25), from Epworth in Harare, were arrested by ZRP officers after they stole, skinned and ferried away from the meat from the carcass of the beast they had stolen from ZRP. Police officers reportedly found them hiding in a nearby gumtree plantation.

The arrests were confirmed by Mashonaland East Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza who said:

I confirm the arrest of the suspects from Epworth, who have since implicated their colleague who lives near the police farm. Stock thieves are a menace, whose conduct deserves harsh punishment because they are bent on derailing economic gains. As police, we will always be ready to assist and arrest stock thieves and make them meet their fate in the courts.

ZRP narrated the incident to the publication and said:

On August 25 at around 6pm, a herdboy at ZRP Mashonaland East Police Farm penned the cattle with a cow missing.The following morning, an informer, only identified as Mandaza, discovered a carcass which had been slaughtered with some parts missing. Mandaza informed the police, who swiftly responded and tracked the spoor with dogs and apprehended the two suspects who were hiding in a gumtree plantation in the farm.

Police recovered two sacks with hind legs. It is reported that upon being quizzed, the duo implicated Tichaona Matudza (32), who lives at a neighbouring farm as their accomplice.Matudza was later arrested and charged together with his accomplices. The value of the stolen cow was pegged at $24 600.