Institute Of Strategic Thinking Welcomes ANC Envoy
10 September 2020
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Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking (ZIST) has welcomed the move by South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa to send ANC delegation to ‘politically problematic’ Zimbabwe following a spate of alleged human rights violations which have since been met with wide condemnation.

In an interview with this publication, the organization’s director Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo has expressed optimism about the South African envoys and urged the delegation to engage all political parties, civic organizations and stakeholders to get unadulterated information concerning the situation obtaining in the country.

“We welcome Mr. Ramaphosa’s delegation and we are optimistic they will engage all relevant stakeholders to identify possible ways of addressing the problems which are eating into the sinews of the country’s economic and political fabric. You will agree with me that of late we have been vociferous as ZIST calling for honest discussions and the forthcoming Strategic National Dialogue Forum (SNDF) which provides a neutral space for all stakeholders bears testimony to our commitment towards nation building”, said Muzamhindo adding that they are looking forward to meeting the delegation.

However Platform for Youth Development director Claris Madhuku is skeptical about the SA envoy’s sincerity and believes Zimbabwe has the ability to sculpt home-grown solutions and the foreigners should only facilitate talks among Zimbabweans.

“South African team will be driven more by wanting to understand ZANU PF and less in attending to the issues being raised by the civic society and the main opposition MDC Alliance. As Zimbabweans we must believe more in ourselves than foreign interventions and the role of foreign intervention must be only about facilitating Zimbabweans to talk between and among ourselves”, said Madhuku.

The country is arguably on the verge of implosion with rising political tension amid high profile arrests in connection with protests. Some MDC Alliance activists are still in hiding and others are said to have fled the country. The visit by South Africans is expected to help Zimbabweans find each other and end political strife.