South Africa Is Not A Big Brother to Zimbabwe: Chinamasa
12 September 2020

By Jane Mlambo| Zanu PF is adamant that South Africa has no overseer role to play on Zimbabwe or any other country in the region.

Addressing its weekly press briefing yesterday, Acting Zanu PF Spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa said their meeting with ANC was able to clarify that South Africa and Zimbabwe are equal sovereign states and that Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa.


“The two revolutionary sister parties were able to find each other during that meeting. We re-discovered each other and I think we got our bearing correct. As we go into the future, I think we have set our compass in the right direction. First we agreed that Zimbabwe and South Africa are equal sovereign States. Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa that we agreed very clearly.

“In the contest of international relations, South Africa is not a big brother to Zimbabwe. It has no overseer role to play in Zimbabwe or in the region. It has no mediatory role to play in South Africa, in Zimbabwe or in other countries and not being a province of South Africa, it follows that there is no interventionist approach to the way that South Africa would relay to us,” said Chinamasa.