Mnangagwa’s planned Bhalagwe visit mischievious, insensitive, disrespectful and insulting: ZAPU
13 September 2020
Bhalagwe. The place of bones in present day Zimbabwe. Lying in the southern part of the country, with tens of thousand bones that have been crying for justice since the physical killings of ZAPU and perceived ZAPU supporters ended in 1987.
Today Bhalagwe, the place of wailing bones looks like a bride. She has been cleaned up and dressed beautifully in anticipation of a rare visit by an illustrious groom in a few days to come. The bridesmaids are non other than Matebeleland Collective with one Jenni Williams shamelessely appointing herself the maid of honor.
Who is this groom coming to see his bride? None other than Emerson Mnangagwa, the number one perpertrator of the 1982 to 1987 orgy of violence and death upon Matebeleland and Midlands in that moment of madness as was described by the late notorious Robert Mugabe.
In the beginning, mass graves were the norm right across the affected provinces, with the modus operandi changing when the killers noticed their barbarism was under a media spotlight. They identified Bhalagwe, where they used a disused mine and turned the mine shafts into a place of bones~human bones of Zimbabweans mass murdered by the ruling Zanu PF party using state security apparatus.
In the forefront of this heinous crime was Emerson Mnangagwa as state security minister. It is his intelligence that identified and selected each and every victim lying at Bhalagwe and all other mass graves dotted around the region. It was Mnangagwas orders that led to the wanton bloodshed of innocent unarmed civillians who up to this very day are crying for closure and justice.
How insulting is the intended visit to Bhalagwe, a place of bones by Mnangagwa. How disrespectful of the souls of the departed victims. How insensitive to the feelings of surviving victims. How disregarding of our culture, traditions and customs.
It is like Hitler visiting the infamous concentration camps where Jews were massacred.
ZAPU is disheartened by both Mnangagwa and Matebeleland collective’s insensitivity as they plan to visit Bhalagwe. The Revolutionary and Democratic mother party denounces this in the strongest terms as well as reiterating that it is as unethical as it is mischievious for Mnangagwa to be visiting places where his victims lie before closure and justice are given to the Gukurahundi matter.
In the same vein, we admonish Jenny Williams and Matebeleland Collective for their reckless and shamelessly unbridled love for money and call on them to desist from trading our pain and sorrows to our tormentors in exchange for pieces of silver.
The intended visit to Bhalagwe or any other site where Gukurahundi victims lie is hereby opposed by ZAPU. We urge all to resist this latest manipulative machinations by the number one perpetrator of the genocide who is trying so hard to conceal as well as  destroy the evidence of his and Zanu PF crime against humanity.