POLAD Is A Hocus-Pocus, Says Opposition Leader
13 September 2020
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Writer Josiah Mucharowana caught up with Progressive People’ s Party of Zimbabwe ( PPPZ) founding president Pastor Timothy JTM Chiguvare in Pretoria and asked him ten questions… below are some of his  thoughts.
Qn1 Josiah Mucharowana . Is PPZ part of the Political Actors Dialogue ( POLAD) set up by President Mnangangwa to thrash a common ground for problems facing Zimbabwe. If not why? What are your views as a party on POLAD. Is it efficient in addressing the Zim challenges?
 Chiguvare: PPPZ was invited to POLAD’s first meeting of the 6th. Day of February , 2019 and as the founder and president of PPPZ with the nation and its people at heart I immediately described the whole process as hocus-pocus and further explained that the best dialogue for Zimbabwe is the truth.  Its only the truth that will set Zimbabwe free. Without the truth forget it, POLAD is a joke. Both the ‘Thabo Mbeki Dialogue ‘ and  POLAD are just a waste of time and resources because as from November , 2017 Zimbabwe hasn’t got a democratically elected government , it’s the army generals who are in charge of everything and they are doing what they want with no one who can challenge or to contest them.
Mnangagwa and the army generals were the authors and architects of the November 2017 coup d’etat and the election of July 2018  was just a formality and not a credible, free and fair election. The biggest problem Zimbabwe is facing is that of a military government. There is no meaningful dialogue without the army generals because Mnangagwa is remotely controlled by the army generals. We , and all others who believe in freedom as deeply as we do would rather die on our feet than live on our knees. Its only the truth that can redeem the trouble nation of Zimbabwe. Truth is the weapon of Justice for all Zimbabweans.
There is no hope for Zimbabwe until the UN and AU are forced by the international community to break the unholy alliance between the corrupt ruling party and the military that protects them or else the people’s revolution will be the best, that is the main reason why we are appealing to the ICC prosecutors, UN, AU, developed nations and the international community to come aboard in support of our worthy cause, they cannot all sit on the fence and watch Zimbabwe sinking with millions of it’s people, while this regime has gone on rampage looting state funds the nation’s wealth and committing, election fraud and rigging and other atrocities.
PPPZ as the people’s choice strongly believe that a true government is mirrored by conducting a free and fair election process, where citizens choose their leaders without any intimidation from government or any other political party. Zanu PF’s ‘ one party state’ gave birth to tribalism, massive corruption , looting of state funds.
Zimbabwe is now Zanu PF’s failed project – the  November , 2017 coup d’etat gave birth to a country run by cartels , from fuel, money, food to medicinal drugs. It’s a total breakdown , now the Zanu PF administration has so many criminal cases to answer to the extent that they will never allow an opposition political party to take over power through a ballot box because they are already very much aware of the consequences.
 The only lasting solution to Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis is the unstoppable mass action against this regime.
What Zimbabwe desperately needs is such a completely new government which can harness its resources.
 PPPZ will recover all the looted and exrernalised funds and ensure that justice is done in the interest of our democracy.  With such a new government , we will ensure that all communities are represented on all levels of government. We will be able to fight corruption and it will be a prosperous government because there will be a competition of ideas.
My vision for Zimbabwe is far much bigger than politics itself, a vision of uniting the people of all communities throughout the country so that they work and live together in peace and in harmony rebuilding their nation , with free education and medical facilities for the poor.
A vision of turning around Zimbabwe back to a breadbasket of Africa and to a rainbow nation.
I have a dream that one day Zimbabwe, a nation sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression; will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
Qn 2 JM..Were you invited to be part of the MDC Alliance ?  what are your views on the grouping?
Chiguvare : I was actually the brains behind the alliance about nine years ago , on 30th. July 2011 , I announced the Election Coalition of Zimbabwe Opposition Political Parties and wrote to the late MDC president Mr Morgan Tsvangirayi and to the Secretary General of the MDC-T giving them all the details of how it has to be implemented coupled with an external Plan B this was a vision from above , but it got messed up by those in love of money power and fame. They hijacked it , dropped me and later failed to implement it with an external Plan B. Where are they today ? the MDC leaders are still fighting for money and power at the expense of millions suffering Zimbabweans.
I gave a very clear message on the 30th Day of July 2011 to all the opposition political parties of Zimbabwe when I said love is goodness. It sees beyond persecution and indimidation. Love does not discuss sin , love does not express itself with arrogance. I am here to remind ourselves, we leaders of opposition political parties that the most honourable  thing for us to do is to put aside our own selfish interests and put national interests first. We can form form an Election Coalition of Zimbabwe Opposition Political Parties against Zanu PF.
Now its up to millions of Zimbabweans to make the right decision because for almost 20 years MDC has failed the people of Zimbabwe. They have failed to bring the desperately needed change in Zimbabwe there is no media freedom , no economic and electoral reforms. Instead they are busy wasting precious time fighting among themselves for money and power.
Now Zimbabweans see the PPPZ as their last hope , because the main opposition has been captured in Zimbabwe , the G40 of ZANU-PF now having control of the MDC-A and the current ruling party ZANU- PF of Mnangagwa and its army generals now have control of the MDC-T , supporters of those two MDC camps are confused and now rallying behind the PPPZ president being part of the big PPPZ family. This is a giant step towards the right direction. It is all about strategy, order , discipline, respect and ethical leadership.
All leaders must know that the voices of the people is the voice of God; serving people means serving God. No leader own supporters because supporters are volunteers regarding the question of when to give or withdraw their backing , just like church members.
There is no leader who owns a political party and therefore leaders must be workers of the people. It is also interesting because we have to take advantage of the mistakes or errors of the two MDCs and take millions of people from both camps of the MDC and ZANU PF because they are all divided , the greatest mistake or error the two MDC camps have made , namely the MDC-A and MDC -T is to team-up with  Zanu PF leaders whose assets in South Africa and other nations are going to be frozen because of ZANU- PF’s massive corruption and looting of state funds.
Political groups own political parties as they constitute the engine of a political Party. A leader who purports to own a political party is a dictator , and that is what has been and still happening in the MDC. I will always be encouraging African leaders not to take a journey into yesterday as this is causing havoc in Africa.
There seems to be no spirit of reconciliation in Africa and this explains civil war or unrest in DRC, and other North East and West African nations.
Qn 3 JM…The 2023 elections are around the corner…what is your biggest selling point. What makes you stand out from the rest of the parties?
 Chiguvare : PPPZ’s biggest selling point is our manifesto which is one of its own kind , it’s the best seller. Its also interesting because the PPPZ family  has taken advantage of the mistakes or errors of the two MDC camps and take millions of people from both camps of the MDC and from the ZANU PF because they are all divided and have run out of ideas , the biggest mistake the two MDC camps have made , namely the MDC-A and MDC -T is to team-up with  Zanu PF leaders whose assets in South Africa and other nations are going to be frozen because of ZANU- PF’s massive corruption and looting of state funds. The PPPZ family is gearing itself to bring the desperately needed change in Zimbabwe , for us to conquer corruption.
PPPZ’s new government will be comprised of competent ministers or leaders from all communities across races whose names will be announced soon after the forthcoming PPPZ congress. With this type of government Zimbabwe will be blessed with a competition of ideas and all communities will be represented at all levels of government. Just with the above we have won investors’ confidence as a future government- in -waiting.
Qn 4. JM…When it comes to membership are you visible in both  urban and rural areas. How is your party structured?  What is your estimated membership now? Is there a database for membership considering other parties have come on board registering members electronically?
Chiguvare : As regards to PPPZ’s visibility, we are already famous and a household name in both urban and rural areas and with our best seller manifesto which will certainly be a landslide victory for the PPPZ family.
Qn 5.JM…Who is in your structures….the Vice President and Secretary General, Provinces etc?
Chiguvare : In terms of our constitution we will be able to announce the entire PPPZ leadership soon after the forthcoming PPPZ congress which has been belayed by the Covid-19 lockdowns.
Qn 6 JM…Is there an advantage of being based in South Africa and not in Zimbabwe like other parties? Who is on the ground?
Chiguvare : Democracy is under arrest in Zimbabwe , political party leaders ; activists ; journalists and lawyers are being persecuted in Zimbabwe.
Currently , on the ground we have very competent,  loyal and dedicated provincial leaders and other party officials. Imminent is a landslide victory. All those who know me, they will attest that I am a dynamic and charismatic leader, who will soon capture the hearts of millions of people and command tremendous loyalty among followers to an extent that i will soon be seen as the hope of the people when i appears in public , people will receive me with great joy. My personal story of hard work helps explain my tenacity.
As founder of Zimbabwe’s first Christian political party I have lost a R500 million nationwide business empire in Zimbabwe and over 4 000 staff members lost their jobs due to Zanu PF’s political conspiracies, and its government’s state sponsored terror and in essence what we mean is that all this was due to Robert Mugabe’s misrule and reign of terror.
 I was , however, persuaded that I could best serve my country by surviving and that means leaving Zimbabwe for a while and go into exile – on the 12th day of April 2003, I legally crossed the border into South Africa with an injured arm, the result of a violent attack by ZANU PF supporters which was held in an arm sling. And soon after my arrival in Cape Town , on the 14th day of April 2003  I received medical treatment at Groote Schuur Hospital, which was kindly arranged by an official of the MDC party the late Mr Mike Aurette who was resident abroad at the time of his death
Qn7 JM…When voted into power , what is your first priority?  Your thoughts on the economic implosion in Zimbabwe right now?
Chiguvare : “A nation without  God’s guidance is a nation without order. Zimbabweans are in desperate need of a selfless, loving and caring president who will always want to see the best for his people or nothing. African leaders must see their appointments in high offices of the land as an assignment from God and not for self- enrichment.
 A person who does not love others cannot be entrusted with the power to lead others or with the power to rule a nation because he will misappropriate that power, misuse it to hurt himself and others.
PPPZ ready to ignite excellence. Yes we can. Ours is a worthy cause of uniting the beautiful people of this great nation of Zimbabwe and reviving its economy.
PPPZ is now ready to deliver a trusted knowledgeable and transparent service that provides the best for all of us a  united and democratic state of Zimbabwe, a rainbow nation where all citizens of different communities will live together as one , in peace and harmony.
We will ensure that Zimbabwe achieves unprecedented success in mining ; export ; agriculture; manufacturing hospitality industries and trade relations with the international business community.
As a party , we will create a nation able to harness its resources for the betterment of its citizens. Thus the party accepts a true that Zimbabwe’s greatest asset is not its minerals,  but it manpower and skills.
Our number one priority is employment creation to stabilize the nation’s economy and education. The entire African continent will start to learn great lessons of ethical leadership from the new PPPZ government.
PPPZ understands the importance of women empowerment and because of that reason we will address challenges of women and equality.
Zimbabwean women are still in and we will create job and ensure that no women and children shall go hungry. Food will be plentiful.
I truly believes I am one of those few Zimbabwean leaders who can unite the country and stop this crisis.
Presently, the ZRP and army are utilized by the Zanu PF leader Mr ED Mnangagwa to control the citizens to his will. They oppress and persecute political activists.
One of my first tasks as leader and  of Zimbabwe , will be to direct the Army to protect the country from foreign threats , not to be used by politicians to harm or persecute citizens. It’s barbaric and thuggish for the army to be used by politicians to harm. They are meant to serve and to protect citizens. This act alone will change the mindset of the people and their attitudes will start the healing process.
 My second task will be to arrange relief food to ensure that hunger in Zimbabwe is brought to an end. With no hunger and no fear, the country can start mending.
PPPZ will stand as a voice for the voiceless, as a unifying force, as peace-makers and would remain committed to justic and freedom of our people.
We are keen to introduce ethical leadership in the country with standards that are ethical. Our approach to the Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis is completely different from the other political parties.
 PPPZ will ensure that Zimbabwe achieves unprecedented success in international relations.
 It  will ensure that the international business community receives the appropriate recognition and high level of delivery which they are accustomed to in the new Zimbabwe making it a future partner in success.
Our family will turn Zimbabwe into a home for all people created by God.
 The Party will turn Zimbabwe into a favorite destination for investors, a country where the international business community will see technology at work hoping to make it to a  diary world country by 2030.
Qn 8. JM…The Diaspora…how are you going to engage with millions of Zimbabweans scattered across the globe?
Chiguvare : I will soon be having rallies for Zimbabweans throughout the diaspora where I will also be addressing the international community by so doing we will also be building international relations.
Qn 9. JM…The Commonwealth…a grouping of former British colonies, is PPPZ going to pursue rejoining the grouping. Mugabe unilaterally pulled Zimbabwe out taking the country on a lonely road without friends.
JTM Chiguvare : The PPPZ family is very wise on its domestic and foreign policies , we will not whatsoever repeat the mistakes of the late Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF .
They said to the British prime minister keep your Britain and we will keep our Zimbabwe. Not long after that Britain is flooded with refugees from Zimbabwe who are running away from Zanu PF’s reign of terror.
 Robert Mugabe’s misrule and harsh economic conditions. Zanu PF is a joke and not a good example at all , for more than three decades Zimbabwe has been out in the cold with no foreign investment.
 The world has seen that the self-serving policies of Zanu PF and its army generals have rocked the very foundation of our country Zimbabwe. Not only have all the institutions been played around with and systematically destroyed.
Cholera, malaria and coronavirus epidemics are killing thousands of innocent Zimbabweans due to the collapse of healthcare systems.
All the streams and rivers in our cities and towns throughout Zimbabwe.                                                                                                            Zimbabwean industries such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism are all dead due to Zanu PF’s poor economic planning, and misguided domestic and foreign policies.
National Railways Of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is now history due to corruption and no more passengers trains from Harare to Bulawayo or from Harare to Botswana or to RSA
Zimbabwe has dominated news headlines with more than 95% unemployment ;
The nation has little electricity , technically  Zimbabwe is now closed for business.
For more than two  decades municipalities in our cities and towns have failed to supply clean water to communities.
Families are breaking due to desperation. Women and children are the most suffering in Zimbabwe, as the majority cannot afford two meals a per day.
Exploitation of young Zimbabweans is high due to desperation has reached alarming proportion. That is overwhelming evidence that the ambitious dreams of our youth have been crushed.
Zimbabweans are today refugees and victims of cheap labour all over the world.
Thousands of young women are today victims of sexual abuse all over because the Zanu PF fathers have lost their identity. A child mis-educated is a child lost. Our morals and values have been destroyed by Zanu PF.
More than half of Zimbabwe’s population cannot afford two meals per day – it’s a real humanitarian emergency.
Young people with university degrees have been turned into street vendors.
Zimbabwe’s national rail and road systems have been neglected for the past thirty years and as a result
 Zimbabwe’s roads and rail systems have fallen into a shabbiness and both have become a death trap.
The Zanu PF’s military government is bankrupt , dead and decaying due to corruption and looting of state funds , Zanu PF can no longer call or describe itself a government because of the number of serious blunders.
The status quo is not sustainable , the people’s revolution will soon take over power and arrest the Zanu PF leadership for various serious criminal charges or else there will soon be civil war in Zimbabwe , its not far and that will be a huge embarrassment to SADC and the AU. SADC is sitting on a time bomb. Zimbabwe is bankrupt , the Zanu PF leadership must now be arrested there is over-whelming evidence indicating that the Zanu PF leaders are qualifying candidates of prison.
They cannot be entrusted with the management of the little that is now left in Zimbabwe.
There is no hope for Zimbabwe until the UN and AU are forced by the international community to break the unholy alliance between the corrupt ruling party and the military that protects them or else a people’s revolution will be the answer.
Qn 10. JM. Being in RSA, do you think SA has enough leverage to improve the Zimbabwe situation given comments coming out of Harare by government spokesman Nick Mangwana and George Charamba that SA has no capacity to help anyone. Your views?
JTM Chiguvare: The ANC and Zanu PF are one family , same father same mother , the nation of RSA is being ruled by the ANC , what affects the ANC affects Zanu PF – They all belong to the Corrupt African Dictatorship Boys Club.
Integrity is the core ingredient of sound politics that is missing in most of the political leaders in Africa, both ruling and opposition. Africa is in desperate need of leaders of sound integrity. Leaders not in love with publicity, but in love with justice. Leaders not in love with money, but in love with humanity. Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the greatness of the cause. And that is the leadership Africa needs to achieve a peaceful and prosperous continent.
The ANC is very much aware that  the Zanu PF’s military government has a propensity or a continuous pattern of criminal behaviour of committing election fraud and rigging election because the army generals are in-charge of government.
African leaders should be held accountable for their actions by their peers.
What is about to happen in Zimbabwe will certainly make it possible for other leaders to become accountable to their people and peers.
 If Africa’s leaders held their peers to account there would be no need for the civilian population to suffer human rights violations and United Nations sanctioned military interventions.
 Currently Zimbabwe has no government , the SADC  and AU  leaders are all very much aware of the fact that its the army generals who are in charge , that is why elections have failed to work in Zimbabwe .
The international community has overwhelming evidence that Zanu PF has introduced a one party state in Zimbabwe which gave birth to endless corruption , human rights abuses, election fraud and rigging ,tribalism and other crimes against humanity. Africa is burning due to gangsterism at play.
Josiah Mucharowana is a Zimbabwean-trained journalist living in Pretoria. Feedback: [email protected]