Temba Mliswa Returns To Parly After Six Week Suspension
13 September 2020

Eccentric Norton representative Mr Temba Mliswa returned to the House last week after serving a six-week suspension for disorderly conduct.

Mliswa landed the ban after excessively interjecting other legislators making contributions and ministers responding to questions from legislators. He was the first MP to fall foul of the new standing rules, which allow the presiding officer to preclude a legislator from attending sittings for a prescribed period.

His return was not without incident. Mliswa attended the virtual session without his Ipad gadget and was soon in the Speaker’s cross hairs who asked him where his gadget was.

“It was stolen, sir,” he shot back.

“I was hoping that being a former headmaster, you would make me go through the whole process so that I am part of the class because I missed out a lot when I was away,” he added, leaving the House in stitches.