Full Text:Jacob Ngarivhume Praises President Chamisa…
14 September 2020
President Chamisa visits Jacob Ngarivhume 

By Jacob Ngarivhume

Today MDC Alliance President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa visited me at home and expressed solidarity with me regarding the incarceration and brutality myself and my brother Hopewell Chin’ono suffered at the hands of the state concerning the anti-corruption 31st July Protest.

We prayed together and discussed at length the crisis in Zimbabwe, solutions, citizen engagement and also the shaping up civil rights movement – 31st July Movement.

He supports the fight for citizen’s rights as enshrined in our Zimbabwe Constitution and all efforts we the citizens undertake together to bring about a free, prosperous and just Zimbabwe.

Thereafter as a goodwill gesture and show of unity he accompanied me to Waterfalls Police Station where I am mandated by the state to report three times a week as my guest.

Thank you Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a new Zimbabwe is possible!