Mnangagwa Accused Of Using Ndebele Royal Clan To Sustain Grip On Matabeleland
14 September 2020

Media Statement

Some days before the late leader of MLF, Mr David Magagula breathed his last breath, he alerted Mthwakazi that 33% of her independence had been won and what remained was 67%. Many people regarded it as a dream. His words are now proving to be true and alive.

The honouring of Mthwakazi warrior, Gen Mtshana Khumalo by Zimbabwe proves just that. It is not a hidden secret that in the early 80s, Mnangagwa invaded all history records and sources of Mthwakazi people, buying and burning Ndebele history books and killing elderly people who knew a lot about Mthwakazi and as a result, very little is known about the man Mnangagwa honoured to this day. That deed is what gives him the courage to stand and say it aloud that he said no to those who wanted to install the Mthwakazi King. He believes he won that battle, yet he is only fooling himself in that thinking.

Their mention of Mthwakazi warriors in their speeches today makes it crystal clear that Zimbabwe regrettably feels Mthwakazi slipping away from her grip and now they are trying to cling on to the remaining 67% using the Royal family. It is unfortunate that we are now aware of their divide and rule practices as well as the food parcels they give out to keep themselves in the rule of Mthwakazi. That cannot happen today and in that regard, we warn the Royal Khumalo never to parcel out the Mthwakazi independence to Zimbabwe.

As MLF, we assure the Zimbabwean Government that they can honour as many of Mthwakazi warriors but that can neither see us off our Mthwakazi independence dream nor make us one thing with them. We are not Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe is not Mthwakazi.

That, they must forever keep in their minds.

We therefore urge all Mthwakazi formations and people to keep up the pressure on the colonial regime, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine. The regime cannot hold on any longer.

Furthermore, we are glad that at last Mnangagwa has exposed that violence is what they use to continue ruling Zimbabwe and it is what will make them respect the will of the people should it be directed back at them. Mnangagwa was proud to say he received reports from the security department that the number of Zanu followers was swelling across Zimbabwe. What a shame, the President reporting that he is raping the nation! Mnangagwa must be the dumbest President in the whole of the continent.

His sentiments confirms the report that we received through our information department that people were severely beaten up by his security agents at Chapo Village in Khezi, accused of working together with the civil organisations that blocked the issuing of birth and death certificates to surviving victims of Gukurahundi, that Mnangagwa was posed to do in the area in the upcoming days. We hope the regional, continental and the world bodies were able to get the sense of that statement of his address and they will then act accordingly.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!!!!!!!