Irate Woman Scalds Hubby With Cooking Oil
16 September 2020
Cooking oil

A Redcliff man is lucky to be alive after his wife scalded him with cooking oil following a misunderstanding over gumboots.

Mr Benny Chamunorwa (30) of Simbi Park in Redcliff was attacked by his wife, Esther Mugwanyi (26), who poured hot cooking oil and porridge over him after an argument.

Chamunorwa was admitted to Kwekwe General Hospital where he was treated and later discharged.

For the offence, Mugwanyi was arraigned before Kwekwe Magistrate Mrs Florence Nago facing charges of contravening the Domestic Violence Act. She was remanded in custody to September 21.

Prosecuting, Ms Ethel Bhumure told the court that on August 28 at around 7PM, a woman Mr Chamunorwa owed money came to the couple’s residence, 4045 Simbi Park in Redcliff, asking him to settle the debt.

Mr Chamunorwa then told her that he did not have any money to pay the debt but offered to give her a pair of gumboots as payment.

The woman accepted the offer and was given the gumboots and went away.

However, this did not go down well with Mugwanyi who confronted her husband over the matter.- Chronicle