Joana Mamombe’s Doctor Explains Why She Could Not Appear In Court
16 September 2020

Farai Dziva|Joana Mamombe’s doctor has pointed out that the youthful MP’ s could not appear in court because she was terribly sick.

Dr Fungisai Makombe Mushandu testified as a second witness in court.

The first witness, Portia Makoni, who is Joana Mamombe’s also
said on the 4th of September, she went to Avon Avondale Pick n Pay Supermarket with Joana to buy groceries and she was complaining of headache and dizziness. She added that Joana nearly collapsed while at Avondale.

Dr Fungisai Makombe Mashandu said a letter she wrote a letter confirming that Joana Mamombe’s mental state could not allow her to follow court proceedings.

The doctor added that on Tuesday Joana was at Borrowdale Halfway House hospital.

The doctor also said Mamombe’s treatment required that she be given sleeping tablets during the day and her condition affects level of concentration with periodic black outs hence she was unable to attend the court session.