Man Kills Own Brother Over Dried Meat.
16 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Police in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central arrested a 31 year old man from Chigwada village for allegedly killing his elder brother over dried meat dispute.

Farai Tamanikwa pelted his brother Vengai Tamanikwa (38) with a half brick and further assaulted him with open hands and left him lying helpless for the whole night on the yard following the meat dispute on Monday

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the case.

“I can confirm a murder case in Chiweshe and investigations are ongoing,” Mundembe.

It is further alleged that Vengai went to collect his dried meat from his brother.

They had a serious misunderstanding and the now-deceased  Vengai first assaulted Farai with fists in pain Farai picked a half brick and stoned his brother on the head and he fell down.

The charged Farai continued to assault his brother with open hands and he left him lying helpless on the ground.

After he was tired of assaulting his brother he got in his room and slept while leaving the assaulted brother lying on the ground for the whole night.

Farai discovered that his brother was still lying helpless on the ground the following morning.

He went to tell his father Elmon (61) who came and rushed him to Chinehasha clinic.

The deceased was further referred to Howard hospital where he succumbed to injuries three days later.

Police warned people to shun domestic violence.

” We are strongly warning members of the public to shun domestic violence as they may lead to unnecessary loss of life,” Mundembe said.