Kasukuwere Desperate To Rejoin Zanu PF, Claims Chinamasa
17 September 2020
Saviour Kasukuwere

Former Zanu PF members, Saviour Kasukuwere and his brothers Dickson Mafios and Tongai Kasukuwere are desperately seeking readmission into the ruling party, which will review their applications on a case-by-case basis.

Zanu PF acting secretary for Information and Publicity Patrick Chinamasa confirmed the development yesterday saying the expelled former party members sent a message seeking readmission, through the African National Congress party delegation which met senior Zanu PF members last week for bilateral engagement.

Speaking after a Politburo meeting in Harare, Chinamasa said the party was wary of expelled members who were still unrepentant.

“It was agreed that the party will look at each application on a case-by-case basis.

The procedure is that the application for readmission must be submitted to the province who will then make recommendations on whether the behaviour of the comrade warrants his or her readmission.

“We have been receiving applications for readmission from people whom we think are still unrepentant.

“There are some G-40 members who come and say they want to be readmitted, but go and work against the party.”

Ex-Cabinet ministers Kasukuwere and Walter Mzembi fled the country while on bail for various criminal offences, including abuse of office and corruption.

They have been using social media to peddle falsehoods while painting a fictitious image of the country.

Kasukuwere in particular, is reportedly conniving with the country’s adversaries who are also infiltrating Zimbabwe through non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that have strayed from their mandate to pursue political agendas.

“One such comrade is Saviour Kasukuwere and his brothers who in the dead of the night, are planning to undermine the Zanu PF Government and during day light they say they want to be readmitted to theparty. We do not allow such hypocrisy,” said Chinamasa who was flanked by the secretary for Legal Affairs Paul Mangwana and secretary for Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Dr Mike Bimha.

Turning to the Central Committee meeting scheduled tomorrow, Chinamasa said only five members per province will be required to attend in line with Covid-19 regulations.-The Herald