Job Sikhala Challenges Court To Try Him Or Free Him
18 September 2020

State Media

MDC Alliance vice chairman Job Sikhala yesterday notified the State that he will apply for refusal of further remand if he is not given a trial date and that he is in any case going to reapply for bail, so far refused, because he argues there are new circumstances.

Sikhala, who was being represented by lawyers Messrs Jeremiah Bamu and Harrison Nkomo, made the notification when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Ngoni Nduna. He is being charged with inciting public violence.

Sikhala was denied bail at the magistrates court before he appealed to the High Court where a ruling was reserved.

Circumstances leading to Sikhala’s arrest are that between March 1 and August 21 this year, he originated and posted videos on social media platforms with intent to incite public violence.

In the videos, he is alleged to have said: “People from the Zambezi to Limpopo and Forbes Border Post to Victoria Falls, 31 July 2020 should be your day. This is the kind of war that we have. If we do not fight this war, nothing will come out until we die. These men have oppressed people for a long time.”

The State alleges that Sikhala used his social media accounts to incite Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa to attack Zimbabwean embassies.