Latest FIFA World Rankings
18 September 2020

The Zimbabwe Warriors have remained unchanged on the latest Fifa World Rankings released on Thursday.

The Warriors and the rest of African teams were not in action in the August/September international break, but their positions were subject to be influenced by the European nations which played in the Uefa Nations League.

The national team maintained its 111th place on the world table and number 27 in Africa.

The biggest highlight on the latest ranking is Portugal who moved two place up into the top 5. Belgium is still number 1 on the globe while Senegal retained its top spot on the continent.

World Top 10: 1. Belgium, 2. France, 3. Brazil, 4. England, 5. Portugal, 6. Uruguay, 7. Spain, 8. Croatia, 9. Argentina, 10. Colombia.

Africa Top 10: 1. Senegal, 2. Tunisia, 3. Nigeria, 4. Algeria, 5. Morocco, 6. Ghana, 7. Egypt, 8. Cameroon, 9. Mali, 10. DRC-Soccer 24 Zimbabwe