Couple’s Bedroom Insults Spills Into The Court
19 September 2020

By A Correspondent- A woman whose husband presumably no longer feels the tightness of her ‘nether region’ complained that she was deeply hurt by her husband who was regularly insulting her with her ‘lady part’ saying it was now too loose.

Sekai Shoko from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb claimed her husband Tinago Shoko (52), together with his second wife, were mercilessly teasing her in an attempt to get a reaction from her.

Their bedroom quarrels spilled into the public domain after Sekai took her husband to Bulawayo Civil Court praying for redress.

In her papers for a protection order she stated that the worst was when her husband and his second wife occasionally insult her with her private parts and silly names that are intended to anger her.

“Tinago Shoko is my husband and we got married in 1997. Last year he however, married another wife whom he is now staying with at our rural home. He is now teaming with his second wife to insult me with vulgar language while also labelling me a prostitute. He regularly insults me and my private parts saying they are now too loose,” complained Sekai.

She said her husband was also accusing her of being a goblin’s wife.

“Besides insulting and labelling me an old woman with loose private parts, he is also threatening to kill me saying I will leave our matrimonial home in a coffin,” she said.

In response Tinago didn’t dispute his wife’s accusations. He said she too used hurtful words whenever they argued.

“We will be insulting each other. Sometimes if I ask her, she doesn’t respond and when she does, she also uses vulgar language. She also labelled my second wife an old woman with loose private parts caused by having a lot of sex with other men,” said Tinago.

He, however, insisted that he still loved his wife so much despite exchanging hurtful words whenever their tempers flared.

For the purpose of maintaining peace between the two feuding parties the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted a binding order which compels both parties to keep peace by not insulting and threatening each other.-bmetro