Impala Car Rental Violence: Police Watch As Journalists Gadgets Were Being Stolen By Plain Clothed Thugs
19 September 2020

By A Correspondent| There was pandemonium in Harare on Friday as Zanu PF hooligans violently disrupted a ZINASU media briefing on the Impala Car Rental rigmarole.

The marauding Zanu PF youths severely bashed ZINASU leaders as police officers watched.

The rowdy youths also attacked journalists covering the event and reportedly seized mobile phones and cameras belonging to some of the reporters.

They chased after a female reporter from Techmag TV as she sought cover inside her car, they took her car keys and handbag among other valuables which have not been recovered to date.

“The Zanu PF hooligans violently disrupted the ZINASU media briefing and they also attacked journalists covering the event,” a source told

The police did not act but kept protecting Impala Car rental premises.

Asked by one of the reporters who lost his gadgets on why they did not act or arrest the attackers, one of the police officers who was commanding the operation said they had no jurisdiction over the area as it fell under Rhodesville.