We Can’t Breathe, Teachers Tell Mnangagwa
19 September 2020

teachers artuz rural teachersBy Robson Chere ARTUZ Secretary General

This letter serves to inform you that as ARTUZ members we are incapacitated to report back for duty and survive in this harsh economic climate heightened by COVID 19.

Exam classes are supposed to commence on the 28th of September. We can no longer afford transport to our duty stations, to buy basic foodstuffs, to pay for rentals, water, electricity bills and other essential services now priced in USD.

Our paltry salaries in RTGS cannot sustain us for a whole month or even a week. We hereby declare incapacitation.

We request an urgent review of our salaries in United States Dollars, USD or RTGS at the prevailing Interbank rate (with a monthly review) from the government.

We urge the employer to come up with an urgent solution to avert our situation.