We Have Evidence Pointing That the Violent Youths Are Linked To Impala Car Rental – DEVELOPING STORY…
19 September 2020

The white vehicle which came with the violent youths, is registration number AEN7704.

More evidence on what transpired at the ZINASU press conference near Impala car rental on Friday has emerged.

A white vehicle AEN7704 that appeared at the right corner of this picture is the one that ferried thugs who attacked ZINASU members and journalists during a press conference near Impala Car Rental premises.

The car was parked inside a restaurant opposite OK Mart and left the place when the press conference was midway to go and ferry thugs who were milling around Impala Car rental premises along Chiremba road.

It returned within minutes and the thugs amounting to 10 or more disembarked and started chasing after everyone at the scene, assaulting and stealing equipment.

All this was happening while the police watched from a distance without acting despite the fact that part of their duties is to maintain law and order.

Whose car is this?

We have dug into the registration number and have so far opened a pandora box that leads to the Impala Car Rental company. While the full investigation’s report was underway, the company’s director Thompson Dondo was contacted and several voicemail messages left in is phonebox.