Avenging Spirits Haunt Zimunya Family
20 September 2020

By A Correspondent- 4 members of the same family in Zimunya in Mutare died this past month as speculation about the cause of their death has been attributed to spirits avenging the murder that was committed by their father who reportedly took his secrets to the grace, The Manica Post reports.

The matter reportedly came to light at Mutare Civil Court where one Simon Muchabveyo was seeking a protection order against Samuel Kapfuka and his sons Lewis, Simbarashe and Francis who are reportedly demanding to know the name of the man Muchabveyo’s father killed.

Muchabveyo claims the quartet was disturbing his peace in court and said:

My father killed someone and we only got to know about it after his death when we consulted traditional healers and prophets. Apparently the avenging spirit killed all my children. I also need help, but my cousin and his sons are accusing me of not playing ball. They need me to tell them the name of the person who was killed by my father but I was not there when it happened. How am l expected to know the identity of that person

However, his cousin who has reportedly brought his mentally challenged son to court remained adamant that Muchabveyo knows the identity of the mand and said Muchabveyo should reveal his identity:

He should tell us the name of the murdered man and his place of origin so that we can engage the family and find a lasting solution to this problem. We need to appease the avenging spirit.

We are not accusing him of killing the man but Muchabveyo was close to his late father, we are sure his father confided in him before his death

Kapfuka’s son denied assaulting their uncle and said they just needed some information from him:

While his (Muchabveyo) father was still alive, we heard that they cast the spirit of the murdered man on a 10-cent coin and escorted the spirit to its ‘home’. That is the place we want him to disclose to us.

We do not know who is next on the avenging spirit’s death list. We need to avenge this spirit as soon as possible before it wipes all of us out.

According to the publication, four of Kapfuka’s children died mysteriously last month and the other one developed a mental illness, and the avenging spirits has reportedly claimed 15 members of the Muchabveyo and Kapfuka families which includes all of Muchabveyo’s children.

The magistrate granted the protection order and urged Kapfuka from disturbing Muchabveyo.