Hope Fades For Trapped Task Mine Gold Panners
20 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Family members of the gold panners trapped underground at Task Mine have expressed their disappointment in how the rescue operations are progressing 12 days after the shaft collapsed, Mining Zimbabwe reports.

According to the publication, the family members said they heard reports that Mines Authorities were plotting to seal off the site and declare rescue impossible 12 days after the shaft collapsed. A family member that spoke to the publication said:

The Minister came and addressed us but did not give us a chance to express ourselves as we are the ones in pain. When he left there wasn’t any mention of how the situation was going to be handled. There hasn’t been any help or a single cent from the Ministry.

We heard that the rescue operation can only be done manually because using machinery leads to further collapse

The guys conducting the rescue operation lack motivation (monetory) as they also need to support their families. Its only one shift working and with the way they are doing it out of the 12 days our children have been trapped underground only an equivalent of four days work has been put-in

Another family member a sister to one trapped miner Constantino Dzinoreva said:

I am very disappointed and I am finding it difficult to comprehend. We hear they want to seal off the site and declare rescue is impossible after only 12 days. The rescue guys are still willing to go down to retrieve Constantino and his friends why are they even suggesting such. We have heard of miners in other countries getting rescued after much longer.

According to the Task Mine manager, Mr Mudavanhu, they need more manpower as they have dug over 110m and are almost directly below the opening of the collapsed shaft, but they are in need of more manpower:

We have managed to dig over 110metres going down and we are almost directly below the opening of the collapsed shaft. The job is overwhelming, if we could get more manpower the process will be much faster.