Mayor Mafume Seeks To End City Of Harare’s Perennial Problems
20 September 2020
Jacob Mafume

The new Mayor of Harare Councilor Jacob Mafume has hit the ground running at Town House .

Last week , Advocate Mafume met stakeholders ranging from the church, the informal sector , civil society and other critical stakeholders as he navigates the waters of service delivery in an environment of deteriorating economic conditions.

He still has to deliver superior services in the face of rampaging inflation, incapacitated ratepayers and a central government whose penchant for control and interference is unparalleled.

As if that is not enough there are our erstwhile colleagues, Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe who continue to breathe destructive fire on democratically elected MDC Alliance councilors.

Oblivious of the dirty games, Advocate Mafume, is the real epitome of the adage “ dynamite comes in small packs” He has hastened to rearrange his committees, banking on the past few years experience and has deployed the best combinations to give new energy to the teams at townhouse. Indeed, the people’s agenda for better services should not be derailed by the vindictive Khupe and Mwonzora , whose actions are despicable to say the very least.

Advocate Mafume has sounded a loud and clear message , though unspoken , but acted by the way he has built his committees. Corruption, inefficiency and a sluggish approach to business will be dealt with in a fashion that demands a stubborn mission focus by both functionaries and elected officials at townhouse.

Indeed is true that no number of side shows should distract council from its focus to deliver superior services participatively, sculpting innovative plans and programs for the benefit of all. Yes, this team will shrug off the inhibitors standing in the way of effective services and deliver happiness to the stakeholders of the Sunshine City, Harare

Congratulations to the new committees and your your new Chairperson. There is no limit , not even the sky is the limit to what you can do.

Sesel Zvidzai