Khupe’s ‘Leak’ Revealed A Day Before Creating Own “Alliance”
21 September 2020

The below article was published a day before Thokozani Khupe’s organisation announced it is now assuming the MDC Alliance name.

By A Correspondent | The MDC-T leader, Thokozani Khupe unwittingly leaked the term: “Unconstitutionally” to describe how the courts have dealt with her nemesis, Nelson Chamisa.

Khupe became loose with her tongue when she said the courts have used unconstitutional rationale in ruling over Chamisa’s takeover from Morgan Tsvangirai.

This was in her latest interview with when she was commenting on the MDC-T leadership wrangle.

Earlier this year on March 31, 2020, the Supreme Court delivered a unanimous ruling in the seemingly interminable battle over leadership of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). In the case of MDC and Others vs Elias Mashavira and Others SC 56/20, the Supreme Court confirmed the ruling of the High Court against Nelson Chamisa, casting further doubt over the future of the main opposition.

Responding on this matter Khupe said, “the courts have dealt with that, unconstitutionally.”

A brief excerpt of the interview is below:

Qn. What would happen there; are you going to inherit Nelson Chamisa is challenge against Emmerson Mnangagwa?

Khupe: How? How?

Qn. Because in this case you’re taking a post which Nelson Chamisa has occupied since Morgan Tsvangirai died, as you say.

Khupe: unconstitutionally.

Qn: Some….

Khupe: And the courts have dealt with that, unconstitutionally.

And the courts have said.

Qn. Some have asked also on you why have you not challenged yourself, Emmerson Mnangagwa directly, concerning the rigging in 2018, the killing of people the using of the army, which Nelson Chamisa is still standing on, and challenging Emmerson Mnangagwa legally right now?

Khupe: Why would I challenge when I do not have evidence? He challenged and he was asked to produce evidence because you can only challenge something if you have evidence, saying this is the evidence that I have but if I don’t have evidence why should I waste my time?

Qn. We do have broadcast evidence from the zbc, the state broadcaster that shows the deployment of the military to change election results and I can give you references, they are also online, the videos are still there online, 15th December 2017; we have numerous incidents that have been broadcast over the time up to the 2018 elections. We also have the Motlanthe hearings in which this evidence was also brought up, which clearly shows that Emmerson Mnangagwa clearly used the army to change election results to Nelson Chamisa’s prejudice. We also have Emmerson Mnangagwa admitting in March 2018 that he did deploy the army and I am wondering there, are you saying you are ignoring simply because the court case said so, the hearings or what?

Khupe: Unfortunately I cannot understand where your question is going because as far as I’m concerned…

Qn. I am saying there is evidence here to show…


Khupe: as far as I understand, and as far as I know there was a court challenge …. INTERVIEW CONTINUES