Avenues Clinic To Revert Back To Normal Visiting Hours
22 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Avenues Clinic has revealed that starting tomorrow 22 September 2020, it will revert to its normal visiting hours, Health Times reports.

The clinic, however, said the following restrictions are still in place:

visiting hours schedule will still be limited to one visitor and one visiting hour per patient per day

A statement released by the hospital’s Corporate Affairs Officer, Mrs Cordellia Shereni said it was important for patients to receive support from friends and family hence their decision to lift the suspension:

Support from family and friends is one of the critical aspects to the recovery process for the patients and as a hospital, suspending visiting hours was not an easy decision. Though the hospital had put in place measures to ensure that patients maintain communication with their families and friends whilst the full suspension was being enforced, physical interaction as a patient recovers whilst in hospital is especially therapeutic,

The statement further went on to state that they had put some COVID-19 containment measures in place following their decision to lift the suspension and said:

Some of the measures include well set up screening and isolation tents with robust screening procedures which are mandatory for each visitor to go through, fully donned staff, hand sanitisation provisions at each entrance, visually demonstrated physical distancing signages and protocols, and  posters in almost every part of the hospital placed to maintain a top of mind approach towards minimising chances of exposure and spread.

The hospital also reported that it has set up a Persons Under Investigation (PUI) Ward which is meant to ensure that patients suspected of Covid-19 receive appropriate care whilst waiting for the SARS-COV-2 PCR results. According to communication from the hospital’s Medical Director, the move is meant to improve patient care regardless of their Covid-19 status

Economies in some parts of the world including Zimbabwe are starting to reopen as cases in some instances have significantly decreased.