Govt Releases Full Schools Opening Time Table
22 September 2020

Goverment has released the full phases based timetable for the re-opening of schools and also reviewed upwards the number of people that can attend church gatherings from 50 to 100.

Although the government says the country is not out of the woods yet, it has released the timetable for the re-opening of schools:

Examination classes- Grade 7, Forms 4 and 6- will open on 28 September
Grade 6, Forms 3 and 5 will open on 26 October.

The rest of the learners including ECD will open on 9 November.
Schools closed in March after the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country the same month.

Up to 100 people are now allowed at church gatherings but churches must ensure that congregants continue to observe COVID-19 containment measures by enforcing the compulsory and proper wearing of masks, social distancing and washing of hands.