Police Impound 100 Vehicles Without Number Plates
22 September 2020
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POLICE in Bulawayo have impounded 108 vehicles without number plates since the blitz started last Thursday.

The police have attributed increasing cases of hit and run accidents, robberies, rape and theft cases to motorists driving vehicles without number plates.

Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said there was no excuse for motorists to drive unregistered vehicles.

“Government has said the Central Vehicle Registry has enough number plates and as such there is no excuse to drive unregistered vehicles. Between Thursday and Sunday, we arrested 108 motorists for driving vehicles without number plates and also impounded their vehicles. This is an ongoing operation meant to remove all unregistered vehicles from the road,” said Asst Insp Msebele.

She said some of the unregistered vehicles were being used to commit crimes such as robberies and theft and it was difficult to identify the vehicles.

Asst Insp Msebele said a number of people had fallen victim to criminals using vehicles without number plates and in Bulawayo police were looking for a silver-grey Altezza being driven by some of the criminals.

She said the gang of criminals using the unregistered Altezza was targeting people intending to buy at hardware shops in the city.

Asst Insp Msebele said since Saturday four theft cases allegedly committed by the same gang were reported to the police.-Chronicle